The Versatile Blogger Award

I want to thank you Sasha for the nomination of “The Versatile Blogger award”. She has a great blog about spreading happiness, whatever happens in life …

I feel honored for this nomination and that the inclusion of Sasha’s blog:

I want to thank everyone who follows me and all the readers who come to my blog. Anyone who encourages me in the world.

Thank the person who nominated you
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Seven things about me:

  1. I was born in Sweden in 1968 the same year Bob Demon broke the world record in the long jump in Mexico Olympics.
  2. 28 years later I beat the world record at the Atlanta Olympics (1996) for my damage class in the long jump …
  3. I do not know exactly what happened when I was born but I have a lack of oxygen in about 45 minutes (I was not breathing, but was declared dead) … and according to doctors diagnosed cerebral palsy. There are a lot of drawbacks to this, but there are just as many advantages if you learn to see them …
  4. I grew up in a home without prejudices. Different people lived at home with us anywhere from a few months to several years. When I was 7 years 4 Indians moved from New Delhi to us. 4.5 years they lived at home with us. I had an Arab mentor in music from Egypt for 10 years. Yes. You understand that shaped my life to see man as it is.
  5. Passion is my motto. If passion does not do it … Simple but hard to live up to. I love music, create art, to get people to wake up and see a new world …
  6. Lived in Thailand since 2009. People with Cerebral Palsy will not move alone without money to another continent and start a new life. So maybe I do not have cerebral palsy, in mind. I do not think the one with cerebral palsy should be … I move to Thailand because I had pain in the body in Sweden because of the cold. In Thailand I am pain-free, but also the freedom of the soul which is difficult in Sweden.
  7. I write slowly and make a video rather it takes time for me to write to me. Bear with me. I read all the comments and all that like. See what you write your pages. But it is not so fast to comment. Usually, I like just because I do not have time to write. I write in Swedish and translates, so sometimes looks strange text. Do not always know how to get it in English. If you read this far by seven points, I know that you are a person who takes the time to understand. Thanks….. 

WordPress is a platform to express what you want. I express the truth I believe in now. In a year, I have learned more and will interpret the world with new eyes. And then it’s the truth. Here you get the opportunity to go back and see how I thought then. Though now I’m just in the beginning of blogging. Already made contact with great people.

People I’ve never been able to meet otherwise, around the earth.

I have chosen to nominate people I do not know but who have a connection with Cerebral Palsy. It is ordinary people who see the world with different eyes perhaps because it has a different life experience …

My 10 nominations:

  1. dueztrends

  2. Rolling Through Life

  3. Just an (extra) ordinary blog

  4. Our God in the valley

  5. friendsonwheelz

  6. Parent-able

  7. lydslookonlife

  8. Jamual Writes

  9. I Am UniqueJazz

  10. Parenting on Wheels

There are many more men they thought I was interesting. Some have written much, and many followers. Others have just begun, as I have done ..

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