Good story telling, extinction

Being able to tell stories around a campfire is not as common as 200 years ago.

The magic of fire and no street-lighting did as I believe that man created easier stories to tell.

Today everything goes much faster and a good story reaches thousands or millions of people in a few hours.

A video is the best means to get a message across or a good story.

I still write. Allows letters to come and words are formed. I’m happy to tell you good stories when the opportunity exists.

You draw the listener into a situation. Disagree a bit, so the listener wants to hear more. At the end, a twist, then everything will be fine. Then live the story further, inside the listener thoughts.

These texts I write on my blog is more like aphorisms. Not always understandable, but more to provoke thoughts and ideas.

I love to get people to think a little bit more than what is written or told.

So I will do a series of stories about different episodes of my life. I will do them in English and talk. With this text is the first ….

The series will be called: “Motivational Stories Artist Mikael Avatar”

The first is called: Stopped by the police in Spain

The importance of a coach, part 3 of 5

Part 3 of 5 Dare interview the coach

It’s a two-way communication with you and a coach. You have chosen a coach that inspires or have something you want. But you should interview the coach so that it can deliver things that are adapted to your reality.
Do you coach people with similar goals like me
which process is the coach, where he is on the way
He just wants to do a job, or is he / she is passionate about having you as the apprentice / client.

The aim of the questions is, if your paths come together and you get a common development. If not, you should find another coach mentor. A good coach will say this to you that maybe you should find another coach and a really good coach will refer you to a coach that fits your needs.

I refer constantly people to other coaches for some things, which I know that the other coach does a much better job, what I can do. Since the person back to me and we will continue with the steps that I’m good at.

It is not always the need to meet with the coach, but I refer to youtube movies, books or courses on the subject and more …



Today’s communication is how …

When you live in another continent than the one you were born in. The means of communication in a different set than in the country of birth. In a way, it becomes limited in another, it becomes more focused.

Let’s take a coffee or lunch will not be possible. So sit on a terrace and small talk about this and that is impossible. When you stay 10-12 flight hours away.

So the internet revolution makes it possible to communicate globally in a whole new way. The coffee comes in front of a computer screen.

Companies like Skype, facebook, twitter, etc. Pinit create a modern networking. Blogs fills the net with texts and more. Sensational amateur movies on YouTube and similar channels.

Look at me … Like me … Press my button and I will change your life forever …

I want to like you, because I like you or to help you generate traffic so people can like you more?

Most communication is superficial. Deeper conversations require more time and scope. Live video conference makes this possible. You see the body language and refers to the call almost like in real life, when you meet physically in the same room.

For me, it took time to get to talk live over the network so that it became relaxed. It’s like the whole language changes and there is often little chatter, but more focused dialogue.

This can be viewed as a limitation of the storytelling. Talking and telling stories has become a rarely perceived reality.

For every year that passes from the television age beginning, people gather not so much for sharing life stories. It has been handed over to other media and original story becomes an interpretation of history, from another person’s perspective.

For each 24 hour period I live there are so many stories to share. I do not have space in my life to bring down all the anecdotes that happen.

Kommunikation kattNow in the morning as of this writing. Threw grandchild a 4-week-old kitten in 2-meter-wide water vessel. He, grandchild 20 months old, do not know that cats do not like water. In his world, water is the most fun available. So it is clear that the cat kid will swim. I could see it and everything went in seconds and capture the cat.

What happened in me was. Oops … it is true animals can only swim directly. I got to experience this live. I have the sense to not test whether it is true, but given a theoretical knowledge about cats and dogs swim directly.

So now I know that this is true for real …. I could tell other levels of this little story, which is not even a minute of my time on earth. How, for example, my Thai wife and her brother react.

From my culture, conduct had been entirely different. There are so many levels to this little story, which would be the world to write down or told.

The point is that there is not time or space to document everything that happens in 24 hours. There are so many thoughts and experiences every day that could be highlighted.

I have to tell a story more:

The day before yesterday, I was in front of a 30 centimeters bigg, in my world, scorpion in the kitchen. I was at home by myself and do not know how to handle a scorpion.

There are as well not in my upbringing culture to move on scorpions. That should be easy. So I took a shovel and brush to move it. The problem was that I did not know how fast scorpions are.

I dither and went to my room and think about what to do. I had to let it be and it had disappeared himself.

The day before the three kittens are born and the scorpion was next to the basket with the kids and the mother. So back into the kitchen.

He stood there filled up the gang to chop. Went closer and scorpion drum with his legs and was preparation.

I could not, but went to the neighbor and get help. Thought, they have to understand because the scorpion was close kittens. So I got me a 13-year-old boy.

For him it was easy to move it with the shovel. He did it as if he was born to move scorpions.

The day after I share the experience with my wife and had a blast.

It’s just a scorpion no snake. It’s just moving it.

You’re like a child and you can do nothing.

So now I know that cobras, I will not move, but I have to move my next encounter with a scorpion.

Cats’ task as I understand it is to take care of all snakes coming. So it is in the cat’s nature to take care of a cobra, like to swim for cats ..

During the night, I lost a kitten, and I wonder if the scorpion was involved …….

PS. carved by a scorpion hurts. You will not die but will eat paracetamol a day or to. For Thailand what I know. Bitten by a snake, you must have the snake with you to the hospital. There are so many that you have to have the snake with you. None of these are on my list of experiences I want before I die DS.

This is the text number 5, the Artist Mikael Avatar which is published every Saturday or Sunday around 15:00 Thai time and 10.00 European Summer Time.