Number 1, money, money money

Number 1, money, money money

You guess the right money is what people need help with the most.

Many times this is true, but the happiest countries in the world are not among the 100 richest countries in the world.

The answer how to get more money:

Self-knowledge and knowledge of what applies in the world now!

The more knowledge you have, say studies, the more self-worth, which leads to more people around you that leads to more money in the bank…

This video is about this.

Tomorrow begins a new series on a completely different topic. Wednesday, my first guest in this live broadcast… do not miss that video…

2. Health, worried about their own health, afraid of failure (illness) self-worth

2. Health, worried about their own health, afraid of failure (illness) self-worth

Be your own health coach. Take control of your life. Someone said: What we eat we become and I would say what we think daily we become.

It is said that daily laughing people are less sick…

Next all diseases can be affected by constantly being happy and surrounding yourself with only positivity. I do not say cure, but the ability to heal by creating positivity, in you. Perhaps more importantly around you, the environment you live in.

All worries reduce the possibility of “Inner Peace” No. 10 on my top list. All the points I have included on this list, which in my opinion should be prioritized the other way around. If you have “Inner Peace”, all other points are easier to fall into place.

Tomorrow comes the most common hindering factor in life. I think you can guess what it is. That which absolutely over the earth creates anxiety, obstacles and fear for you to grow as a human being. Become free….

Improve your career and Job situation

3. Improve your career and Job situation
Why I chose this profession and this workplace?
Work to live or live to work.
Wake up with happiness and passion every morning.
Change your job situation or profession.

Afraid to jump off your job train and switch to another life train.

Constant self education leads to a greater perspective on your life.

Increasing your knowledge bank leads you further in life.

This video is about: Improving Your Career and Job Situation.

Tomorrow, video 2 will be on this list: “Top 10 most common problems that people want to be fixed in life”

4. How to Stay focused!

4. How to Stay focused!

There are usually hundreds of things, on the to-do list every day. Some things have been on the list of doing months maybe even years. How to catch up with everything and still get on in life? A jumble of thoughts buzzing like a bee waiting to sting you.

Staying focused is a combination of prioritization and recovery, in my opinion. Prioritize things that take me further on my path in life and then completely cold, delete things on the list to do and bring it down to a more manageable level. Maybe only around 10 things max 25. Only the things that have energy and take me to the next step, in my life. I remove everything else.

The second part is to take care of me. Recovering myself is vital. When I’m recovered, I delete things on my to do list, much easier. Plus the things I have to do are done much, much faster.

This video is about: How to stay focused.

Tomorrow comes 3th place on this list. “Top 10 most common problems that people want to be fixed in life”.

5. How to create good relationships around you.

  1. How to create good relationships around you.

Before an aircraft takes off, they go through a checklist to check that everything works. My recommendation is that you also create a checklist for all the people you want to hang out with or meet.

The video tells various examples of this.

The first best friend is yourself, realities are created from the inside out.

Define what you are looking for and the universe delivers.

Tomorrow comes 4th place on this list. “Top 10 most common problems that people want to be fixed in life”.

6. Being Happy. Increase Self Esteem / Self-Confidence, successful?

6. Being Happy. Increase Self Esteem / Self-Confidence, successful?

How to be happy. Create self-esteem and self-worth. That you are an amazing person just the way you are…

Self-worth is one of the most important ingredients in success. Believe in yourself and be responsible for the process of life. This sounds a little silly but the more knowledge you have about yourself, the more self worth you have. How do you work?

Of all the situations you end up in, you can, through self-knowledge, change the outcome in individual situations. By studying yourself and feeling how it feels in the body in different situations, a kind of mapping yourself, you can learn a new behavior pattern and this will give you a different result.

To be happy, in my opinion, is to create small goals in the small and reach goals regularly.

Example: Now I will start my day this way every day for five days and then you start and follow the new morning routine. After 5 days, you evaluate whether something should be added or removed. Every day you succeed you say to yourself: Wow day 1 completed, wow day 2 completed and so on…

Just today I have broadcast live 13 days. Incredible. For 13 days in a row, I have made a live broadcast. I appreciate myself and it makes me want to continue. I say wow every day for every little step I take.

This video is about how to find to be happy…

Tomorrow comes 5th place on this list.

7. Find my passion and life task, and then live it

7. Find my passion and life task, and then live it

The thing is, your best life should always, always be forward in your life.

Finding my life task on earth is in my opinion the most basic factor for people to grow in their development. It must, in my opinion, be passion in the task you create. Expect 15-35,000 hours of your life to spend here. So passion is important.

The only constant in life is change. The world is constantly changing what worked two years ago does not work today. All the time I have to develop to be able to create my goals and the goals change with my development.

The video tell me how I did and actually do now.

Tomorrow comes 6th place on this list.