Good story telling, extinction

Being able to tell stories around a campfire is not as common as 200 years ago.

The magic of fire and no street-lighting did as I believe that man created easier stories to tell.

Today everything goes much faster and a good story reaches thousands or millions of people in a few hours.

A video is the best means to get a message across or a good story.

I still write. Allows letters to come and words are formed. I’m happy to tell you good stories when the opportunity exists.

You draw the listener into a situation. Disagree a bit, so the listener wants to hear more. At the end, a twist, then everything will be fine. Then live the story further, inside the listener thoughts.

These texts I write on my blog is more like aphorisms. Not always understandable, but more to provoke thoughts and ideas.

I love to get people to think a little bit more than what is written or told.

So I will do a series of stories about different episodes of my life. I will do them in English and talk. With this text is the first ….

The series will be called: “Motivational Stories Artist Mikael Avatar”

The first is called: Stopped by the police in Spain

The parallel life, the neighbor has

The parallel life, the neighbor hasThe parallel life, the neighbor has

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We all live parallel lives. Most people live a life here on earth, alike ..

We are born, grow up through some form of schooling. Starting work in any form and receive family. Retire and then die.

The written laws and regulations on this in the most countries. UN guidelines on this and other secular organizations.

It is certainly so. That is how you should live a life on earth. End of discussion….

Even lions have the same structure but without laws and regulations ….
You are born as lions and begin wrestling. A kind of schooling and then you start to work with to get food, get yourself a family in the pack … will be eliminated (pension) then you die …

In addition to laws and regulations, different lions from us at one point. Leo is not cooperating with other flocks on the Rights how to live a lion’s life … or how I am to express myself.

Yes … it looks almost the same in the entire animal world. WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and other organizations draw up guidelines on animal rights and more.

There is nothing wrong with it as you read above. There are only so …

It is said that people live civilized and not as predators, such as lions.

I just wonder sometimes. How did it all, end up as it is now.

The school of life

“The school of life”“The school of life” that people are talking about. What does that mean?

We learn from our mistakes that make us grow. Grow to what? New life? Better understanding of our actions that are programmed into our development of a passionate talent. What ever you do, life goes on.
Life never stops. Just ticking. Whatever happens, time is ticking on. Never stops …

So what to do?
When I sit by the sea, it feels like time is standing still, but still the waves roll toward the shore nearly every second …

A music piece usually lasts a couple minutes. An image is perceived within a tenth of a second … but the experience can be for hours. It is as if the image or certain music triggers memories of a bygone era.

We have learned an interpretive system and our mind categorizes different memories in different compartments. Happiness, fun, sorrow, incomprehension. And the more complicated words of sympathy and empathy. Not to mention the parasympathetic nervous system reflexes in the limbic system. …
Oh. The last was perhaps a bit too advanced. Simplified, this means that if you meditate on the beach, it is very likely that you activate the parasympathetic system. In other words, you are resting in any form.

But this is still only a crude explanation for something we do not understand.

It is said that we use 5-10% of our brain capacity. Perhaps it is so that we only understand 5-10% of the brain and therefore we believe that we only use 5-10%.

You may have heard this story before, but I will tell it again:
A professor I have worked with in the 90s said: if you take a foghorn on the concert hall outer wall, while a symphony orchestra is playing and you try to listen through the fog horn if the Violin I is tuned or not. Maybe that is the greatest challenge for some scientists.

This story says several things. Two interesting things I want to highlight, this time:
One, we do not have the right instruments to measure what happens in the body
Two, what does it matter if violin is tuned or not, when we do not understand why we get so emotional when the orchestra plays as a whole ….

Rene Descarte divide the body into different parts that create the medical profession specialties today. Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, liver, lung, bone, heart and more.

In a diagnosis, doctors rarely see the whole body as one unit. It’s like trying to find the violin that is not tuned ….
I do not want to insult the medical profession, they do a fantastic job and I would have been dead without them. Several times over …

What do we leave behind us?

what-do-we-leave-behind-us_Facebook account? Some youtube videos and maybe some other social media accounts.

How long will it take before the traces of our presence on the planet, vanished without a trace …

Memories of other people remain for some time … but how many generations?

There is a Chinese or Japanese, saying:
You can swirl your finger in a glass of water, how many hours you want. As soon as you stop swirling, settles the water still …

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra with more have left their mark on hundreds of years after their time, even 1000’s of years.

Our Heritage. What will be left on …

The creation of myths about all sorts of profiles known round the world. Perhaps this is what to do, if you want to leave emphatic hundreds of years …

Perhaps it is not the purpose of life on earth, leaving traces in the decades ahead ……

I think the important thing is to live by one’s own passion. It makes the heart tick faster and gets you to go beArtist Mikael Avatar mountain peaksyond your limits that you thought was not possible.

As I described in the text: The road to haven 19 februari

Whoever has the most experience wins.

Yesterday, I heard the expression:
Let’s walk, because I sit more than two-thirds of my life.

In the author’s school, I was told that a writer is about 90 percent, sit on the backside. Do you have 5% talent, it helps a little. But only 5% of 100%

So it is with most of what you want to achieve. A talent must be developed and passion I think is one of the components to the success of a talent at 5 percent.

I think it’s one of the things we should leave behind: A developed talent that has brought us through life …

What do you think?