The mainstream

Add headingLong time since I wrote. I have had a break and here comes a maybe provocative text. Thanks to all over 700 people who viewed the video I posted, last time I did something here. Over 700 is a lot in my world …
I love comments and your thoughts are important to me. Your reality image helps me understand myself even more. I comment on everyone’s comments. If you want a text in the mainstream, this text is not for you …


Mainstream is a word used to describe where a flow is in the culture.

The main flow of a cultural group or what most people spend their energy in and where the majority of the population consume precisely that cultural form. What’s in time.

Artists tend to be in mainstream after their death. They do not create in the mainstream but create the new mainstream that comes. Thinker who goes outside the box and lives without actually having any backing by someone, as the person’s art will be in the future …

They struggle to be understood. Expression its ingenious ability without actually being 100% understood.

Basquiat is perhaps contemporary art figure and became famous during its short life in the art world. In the film Basquiat he repeatedly describes his struggle to be understood. Andy Warhol told him (in the movie) that there are only a few who understand what we are creating and the rest only follows the mainstream. Pretend to understand.

Basquiat took his life 28 years old and is said to be unable to overcome the struggle by being understood. Perhaps it was the drugs that also took over the empty feeling he was trying to replenish his creation.

Today, April 2018, focus does not appear to be on art, but more on the power of artistic creators with their own private sexuality. A kind of misleading maneuver or more a saggy break that now something has to be done. That’s enough!

This is good, I think, on many levels. Partly because it has to come up that people are being exploited. This in order to believe in success lies in sharing their body and people use this illusion for their own private sexual gain.

Take advantage of their private sexuality to reach the mainstream, but even more power to conquer a body that causes the soul to be destroyed. Perhaps even can never recover, but forever disappears into the fog of unsightly souls. We are shocked at what happens behind the scenes, but not surprisingly. Everyone knows, but no one dares say something.

Caught in the act, the perpetrator becomes in defensive position. I am innocent, says the perpetrator, and hides behind his shield of regret. We will never know the whole truth.

Everything becomes a speculation where no one wins. It’s good that this comes up in mainstream news all over the world. That this has been a place in the mass media retrieval.

The individual artist will take care to not engage in private sexual harassment. Because if the person does this, he kills his own career in the mainstream…

Energy Art

How creating Energy Art?avarat-energy-art-2

This art form is created from within. Your unique knowledge makes you the only person who can create art in your particular way. The single pure voice you have, no other. Once you find it, create unique paintings no one else can create. This art form is positive. Reflect the positive from the inside of you. Colors are so-called happy and forms are non-figurative. Energy Art painted to reach the inner nature which creates a positive feeling.

Magin is to find colors and shape that creates harmony. The movements in art are soft. Often fill a small picture an entire room of positivity and end up in eye shape center.

Creating Energy Art can be demanding for a non-van. The art form demands present moment attention. Being here and now. Not knowing what color to use or what the next stroke to be made. It goes more out to empty the brain of all impressions. Making sense of the body neutral without feeling anything. A kind of deep meditation, yet clearly set on making art.cole-bild-mikael

Mikael Avatar is almost always here and now. According to Indian monks, he is so-called “enlightened”. A condition in which he is aware of everything going on around him in the present. He knows the little toe have to do to keep his balance when he goes and knows all the little things on the ground where he puts his feet. It is in this state Mikael Avatar creates his art. Time and space do not exist. Food, need for sleep, and all other life-sustaining things stand still. Just as children. Children discover in the moment that they ar hungry, tired or emotional outlet. After a minute it’s over. Sad to happy, angry to harmonic moving very fast. Children living in the present.

Under the Energy Art courses are many exercises to get to this state. Quantum physics and other medical discoveries do to a person with this condition is easier. Previously, it required years of training to be able to come into this meditative state.