New Year’s text by Mikael Avatar

1 Jan 2022 or Thai in 2565, the traditional New Year’s text by Mikael Avatar.

Life has changed or do I think life has changed?

What is the difference?
Is it another year with limited opportunities to move freely on the globe?
More questions than answers.
Have I changed last year to something better? Because that is probably one of the points of life, in relation to the time that flows.

The best is always ahead. Wishes that drive my rise from where I am to where I want to be.

I sit on the stairs and look out over the garden. The clock has passed midnight by a few minutes and the calendar has changed to 1st in 1st 2022. Quiet! I’ts quiet. No rockets. No hopeful Thai lanterns that usually fly towards the sky.

Has man given up? Does everyone sleep? My wife and I sit by ourselves. No wind so slightest sound, crisp, begins a cacophony of dog barking. Then quiet. Desolate empty. Last New Year there was more life. Now just quiet.

The grandchildren are sleeping. About an hour earlier, the youngest girl had sat with me and rattled all the English words she could, 3.5 years old. Quite a few around 15 approximately. The boy, 7 years old, corrected his sister all the time in the pronunciation.

Two little souls, who really only speak Thai have English lesson hours before the new year. The hope and happiness of every word spoken rises minute by minute. No thoughts of the earth standing still.

The zeal to learn is beyond all motivation I have. The drive that exists in these two souls was a long time ago I had. An unconditional desire to just live in the happiness of the present where my eyes twinkle like stars that will not go out during my lifetime.

In 20 years, they will be looking for a job, a partner, a purpose for life and everything else life has to offer. They will have no idea about the pandemic dilemma of 2020, 2021 and 2022 life. It’s just something the older people talk about then. Much like we’re talking about World War II. Something that changed the world before but does not really affect the present.

No New Year’s promises have been made. Because I do daily action that takes me step by step towards my desires in my life. No made-up promises I will follow in the future. More like: This makes me happy.

In 2021, I made about 140 videos. 110 live streamed and about 25-30 commercial videos. About 100,000 people have seen them. Most of them without knowing that I made them. This year there will be more.

I love making movies. There’s something magical about film. Cutting and putting people in an emotional state is a passion that has followed me all my life. A live steaming video reached about 35,000 people. For me, this is a lot. For some of those I follow (mentors online) a drop in the ocean. Some produced 900 videos last year and millions of followers.

It’s not enough to throw a brick in the Grand Canyon, no one will find it. You have to throw many and in the same place and eventually people will stumble across them. (quote from Grant Cardone, millions undercover, 2021, can be seen on Youtube for about 5 hours and is seen worldwide):

So what bricks are you going to throw out in the world in 2022?

I will start throwing bricks marked:
Mikael Avatar´s Art video media production method.
A method for creating videos that change the ability of women entrepreneurs to be seen on the internet. Over 40 years as a life coach, most of the women I have coached and who have had their own company. I do not know why. But this is the group I have achieved the best results with.

After pressure from mentors, I begin to understand that there is a shortage of premium videos out there. Many people do not even know how to make videos and on what topic. So 2-3 people I will find this year for them to start the journey of throwing bricks on their place so they create their landmark in the world. Interested please contact me…

2-3 is the maximum I can handle. More then I have to train a team and it’s 2023 problem, so let’s focus on 2022…

Those were my thoughts today 1 Jan -22

Happy New Year

Mikael Avatar

So maybe this is the first time in my life that everyone on earth starts at the next same level, in the new year 2021.

So maybe this is the first time in my life that everyone on earth starts at the next same level, in the new year 2021.

It is like no one can really speculate what the outcome will be. We should or perhaps should stay away from all people for some time to come. We must all learn to work / study / socialize remotely over the internet. Teach us zoom or skype or any other live broadcast program. As if everyone is to be thrown through a door and on the other side is the new world. Nobody knows what the new one will look like. First, we must not become infected and end up in a coma. Maybe this will make many more people really, start thinking and maybe even take action more in their lives in a completely different way.

The next 5-6 months will look much like now. No planes that regularly fly around the world or family reunions with lots of cousins. It will be a lot in front of a computer screen. So, this is a perfect opportunity to complement (rethink) How do you really want to live your life.

I beg you to seriously take the time coming months and really to stop. The earth seems to have stopped and will stand still for a while. So, take the opportunity and figure out what you really want. Listening to the media mostly creates a standstill that we are apathetically waiting for everything to be over soon. While active action creates new future. Do not think about what the world looks like or will look like.

Most of the last two years, I have retrained. Or not really, but rather immersed myself in a subject I love, to poke with. I have spent hundreds of hours in depth learning a new “skill set” (professional knowledge). Finally, I can start going out with this new knowledge.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of following people for a while and one of the reflections I have observed is that everything takes much longer than you think. Should you get a different result or outcome in your life, a lot of boldness is required. Shut out all the people who pull you in different directions in your life. Really put your feet down and drill them into the ground. So, everything stands still. Map out where you got your machinery to stop. Then after a while choose a new direction. The new direction, if it is to last a lifetime, must have a completely different foundation to stand on. It is as if man needs to question the constitution, which they created for their lives. Some of the laws should remain, but much should be removed, so the new laws or rules for how you should live your life should be. If these constitutions for you, are not reviewed… you will get the same results, as all other years. A constitution in a country that is changed usually takes two terms before that law applies.

It is the thoughts that go around in the head that prevent man from growing. A multitude of life experiences that are put together and create the life you live. But really, you can just start over. It does not even take a second. But our programming of the brain makes it next to impossible to just start over. So, a reprogramming of thought patterns is needed. It takes at least 30 days and before it is automated about 90 days. Should you then create a new life skill, my experience is at least 6-12 months. And then we talk about entering the new pattern daily or at least 3-4 times a week. This is no matter what you want to create in your life. To be able to do this, an effort is required from you, but it is not enough. You usually need to get stimulation from groups in society that are heading in the same direction. Have a mentor / coach who step by step takes you through every obstacle that arises on the way to your new life.

To be able to do this, the next one requires a sacrifice that only a few succeed in. Breaking out of life patterns and thinking from a completely different perspective is a slow process. Most often, our environment is created according to the old way of thinking. So, you are fed with the old thoughts all the time. Should you then overcome this and introduce new ways of thinking. You really need the new to be fed in more than the old. Only then can you win your new “You”.

Thoughts written by Mikael Avatar on January 2, 2021/2564 thai years

The time I have

The time I haveWhen the time comes to us. Getting time over, what do you do with life, then? I always hear that when I get time I will do …… ..and then people say a lot of things, what they are going to do.

My experience is that a plan is needed to achieve goals. Action steps, step by step in detail plan. When the actual implementation is done, new opportunities are always created that are impossible to see before I start.

Often it takes time, before I see the effects, of what I have chosen to begin with. I know that change is the only thing that takes me further in my development (see last week’s text).

Things that hinder me are most, external questioning. The views of family and friends. So I have to isolate myself from telling, too soon what my plan is. Otherwise, there is a great risk that people I meet will kill my plan. What I have learned over the years is to trust people who have already done what I intend to do. Listen to them and follow their insights, the process of success. Then the chance is very high that I succeed …

Every morning when I wake up I have millions and again millions of choices, which are possible projects. I am aware of this and choose to limit my choices to only a few projects. Private, occupation and free time. Then I work strategically, creating a template where I step by step take action on the new I want to create.

It is no more difficult than a shopping list. You write what to buy and then you go to the store and buy the things. When it comes to more complicated goals such as becoming an artist or learning a new language or starting to ride, the first step is the same, simply expressed. Step one can be, check if there are evening courses on what you want and then go there… or online courses on the internet (can be difficult to ride on the internet). Talking to more knowledgeable people about what you want certainly saves you years of carving out on your own.

To you who are a constant reader of my texts … do you have any benefit from the texts in your life? and in such cases, how?



To be constantly in processes and development.

The universe is constantly evolving. It is said that the only thing that is constant is change. Everything will not be the same as last year. Everything has changed, it is really among the few things that is guaranteed. So I have to constantly grow and develop to keep up with the developments in the world.

In order to develop, I have to constantly decide on what to take away and what new will take its place. Constant decision: Am I on the right track. Constantly contemplating on what I’m doing now, is this leading to what I really want. Always be on my guard if my progress is optimal.

I’m getting tired just writing this. It’s really hard and time consuming, with all the information. One of my mentors says that I must become an expert at transforming information, to my benefit. Keep away everything that doesn’t affect me and just have focus, on what drives me towards what I want to create.

I get better just taking pictures for my reality, which brings me forward. Read and judge what I read faster. Say no, faster when the information is not essential to me. Turn off the brain so I don’t create new realities all the time.

How does the information society work in your reality?

Catch in life

Add a heading(1)Catch in life. Fishing lure passes through the air and lands at the edge of the reeds. The pike chops the fishing tackle directly. The pike is a little when it is up on the gray rock. How many hours in my life have I seen the fishing tackle go through the air? Fishing has followed me since childhood. Fishing herring in the spring and pimple perch on the winter, with the ice drill drilling hole after hole. Now only the memories are left of the happiness’s face when the fish nipped. I am chasing completely different things in my life now. The biggest I haven’t had to nip, yet. The happiness of being able to succeed, catching the happiness. So it becomes permanent as an immobile rock by the sea. Happiness is thinner than air and infuses away through the gaps in life’s crackled corridors of cotton-like, air castles. Does it even exist? It is said that you must have a counter-pole in order to experience the other. So the opposite of happiness may be sorrow. Without the grip of grief in the River of Life, happiness cannot be captured.
The cat mom eats up the kittens is a picture I try to push away. But it is not possible and maybe it is the picture that takes me closer to happiness. How many times do I have to face the opposite pole before it becomes permanently anchored in the frozen core of my heart? There are so many questions I can’t answer. Imagine if I could just be ordinary. Don’t philosophize much. Just think of everyday events in life. Jobs, rest, food and where to go next vacation. Simple and concise. I crank the line of life, once again and hope that this catch is what I want most. But once again I am disappointed. Another road choice that gave fiasco. I clear the lure and prepare the next throws. Faith is said to be able to move mountains. I think everything will be better, I throw in the stream of life.
Now I will pull up the catch of the happiness of life that takes me to the stone by the sea, where time stands still and everything is ok….

How lost am I …

How lost am IHow lost am I …

If we play with the idea that we are lost on the sea, in a boat…

We say we travel for a month with the boat and we don’t know where we are…

When I sailed across the Atlantic, in 1988, we did not see land in 30 days. It was water / sea in every direction all the way to the horizon. Finding someone who is lost is impossible. Even though today’s technology is well developed, it is difficult to find someone if they do not have a contactable signal system.

It is said that life is a lonely experience. We can share thoughts with other people, but really life is a lonely person’s experience. At sea you / I are small. Water and again water. In life, I / you are lost the majority of the time, my hypothesis.

So when we travel for a month at sea and do not know where we are. How long does it take to find back or find something we want to find that we don’t know. One month? Hardly. If it is a month to travel in all directions, it will take significantly more time. It is said that it takes 30 days of daily metal training to be able to change a thought pattern. And probably longer before it’s fully automated.

Most people I have met through life all have a boat to go anywhere. But very few have left the harbor. They look at the horizon and dream. Not today the waves seem high or there will be rain today. When the sea is shiny and the sun is shining beautifully like a beast. Are we saying: Not today I’ll enjoy now when it’s finally sun…

So the boat stays in the harbor all life and the dream keeps life in its longing. Dr. Frankel, the book “Life Must Have a Meaning,” he interviewed people who were with the Holocaust and everyone had something to hook their lives on. A love that awaited, a child who might be alive, a house / village / social life that they showed had to be found when everything was over in the camps.
So my boat in the harbor is being refurbished and taken care of in case the journey begins today … if I lose faith that the dream will not come. I lose my life. People without dreams and goals are dead corpses, who live shortly after they lose faith. Time and time again I see this happening. When the dream is gone and no new dream exists. Life faded away and only a diffuse shadow can be seen.

In last week’s text I said that: The interesting thing is not what you start to change in your life today, but if you still in 5 years make your new habits.

It usually takes 5 years, before what you start with, gets a meaning in life. It took me 100 paintings before I felt that I might be an artist. 100 YouTube videos before I could really edit videos I wanted. More than 100 pieces of music before I really felt that the music, I was creating was like something I wanted to create…

Partly it is the craft I need to learn, but most of all how to think. How I step by step see my eyes open and I see things I couldn’t do before…

So how many hours do I have left before I can see what I really want to create?

Are you lost in your life?

Passion’s death

Passion's deathPassion death or death of passion?

I have talked about the need for passion to create a new reality. It is the driving force itself and then I think a structure is needed. Step by step, follow a plan toward something that is your passion. Many other well-known coaches / mentors talk about Habit. Daily routines. They say it’s not interesting what you start with right now. The interesting thing is if in 5 years you still do your daily routine that you start with now?

To be able to follow a daily routine for 5 years, I think, you need an inspirational or fiery soul, who you eagerly follow and who encourage your success. Seeing small changes in a positive direction every day is difficult. Over a longer period, it is easier to see the change and your idea is giving results. Many people have, long ago, stopped their daily routine, if you can not see results or get feedback that you are on the right path.

Life just rolls on, and every now and then the idea of changing life comes up. Finally, we make peace with the thoughts of the mind and say to ourselves: When I retire, I’ll start…

When I had time, in my life in 2009, ie 10 years ago. I really didn’t have anything on my agenda or scheduled appointments. I decided to find out what I really wanted. I was 41 years old. Isolated. I was completely excluded from my previous life in Sweden and lived in a whole new country with no real connections to it. So I was not drawn into any must or should do or other things I felt obliged to do while living in Sweden. All of this was 11 flight hours away and I could calmly focus on: What I really wanted to do with my life.

I was absolutely convinced that it would be a simple task and after a month I would be on my way to my new adventure.

It wasn’t. It wasn’t easy at all. I had to research myself and question all the successes I had. What did I actually do in the Olympics, Paraolympia? Why do I coach people? What is it in me that thinks you want to follow me as a life coach? Why am I eating this particular food and no one else? Or why is it important to evaluate one’s life?

The more I relaxed, the more questions I had. After about 2 years I started to find a red thread. I began to understand how everything was connected, but made no decision what to do for the rest of my life. It only came after about 4 years. I made lots of different lists of what I thought would make me happy and successful. Lists of things I wanted to accomplish with my life. Lists of people’s characters I wanted around me. But really it didn’t have any value to me. So I started over from scratch time after time. That’s why it took time. I had people come to visit for a week here or there. Then I had 11 months to myself. I would just crack the nuts What should I do the rest of my life?

That became my goal.

What is your goal in life?