7. Find my passion and life task, and then live it

7. Find my passion and life task, and then live it

The thing is, your best life should always, always be forward in your life.

Finding my life task on earth is in my opinion the most basic factor for people to grow in their development. It must, in my opinion, be passion in the task you create. Expect 15-35,000 hours of your life to spend here. So passion is important.

The only constant in life is change. The world is constantly changing what worked two years ago does not work today. All the time I have to develop to be able to create my goals and the goals change with my development.

The video tell me how I did and actually do now.

Tomorrow comes 6th place on this list.

Motivational videos for success in life

Motivational videos for success in life, intro
What tools are needed to succeed in life? Artist Mikael Avatar makes a series of 12 videos on this topic. Passion, habits, patience, how to take small steps and many other tips on how to succeed in life.
Why should you watch and listen to Artist Mikael Avatar:
He is a master of telling about his experiences so people understand how to move on in life. Former World Record Keepers Long Jump Paraolympic (1996), coach people all life, public speaker for over 25 years and much more.
Mikael Avatar is a maker. In 2009, he moved to Thailand for the pain from shaking under 40 years, taking on the body. He was born with a severe cerebral palsy, in Sweden (1968), died for 45 minutes after childbirth. This has never prevented him from assuming challenges in life. This YouTube channel is about Artist Mikael Avatar’s experience of success and tools to achieve this. What is a human life and how to live a life.

Welcome to the Artist Mikael Avatar world

Injustices by Artist Mikael Avatar


Injustices by Artist Mikael Avatar

Injustices by Artist Mikael Avatar

All people have injustices. The question is how we do with them.

I forget that people who do not know me can sometimes treat me differently. I do not think that maybe it’s the first time someone meets a person with Cerebral Palsy.

Here in Thailand, does not show many disabled people on the street. They are kept away. If I am right, it is because that culture says you were a bad person in last life. You came this time to earth with a functional barrier.

This week I looked at motivating video and the majority is about to overcome injustice. All are treated unfairly and the question is how we use this knowledge to our advantage …

Another angle is that you do not need to be the best to be the best. I can attest, is true. I was not the best athlete I encounter during my career. Many were better. I train just more than all the others and made me grace goal: to be the best.

A movie I saw said it … those who train to make good videos on youtube 120 times a year, will be beaten by the person making 360 videos per year. With the same talent …

It is about the desire to achieve my goals. How much are you willing to spend to reach your goal. And then we come to the great passion you have, for what you are doing ????

This will determine if you reach, wherever you want, or if you choose to just be normal …

Excellent will be people willing to go the extra step in life, though there is energy to do anything. You just go with your passion to achieve your goal. Whatever happens…

Now it’s a long time since I was elite athletes. As I said before when I train for the Para-Olympics 1996, Atlanta, low training hours at about 70-80 hours a week. 1992 I came not to the Para-Olympics and tested how much my body to exercise for one week. The end result was about 140 hours to 164 hours possible.

So for Atlanta to 70-80 hours, my brain knew that I can work 70-80 hours without any problems. I am completely superior in every workout.

How far are you willing to go to achieve what you want …

The difference to have had a world record or be 2 centimeters away from having a world record is immense … You can not compare these two people … It is just so … Take the example: I almost went to the moon, I was almost giving birth, I moved almost new ….

It can be good stories to tell, but you certainly explains just why it did not happen with a lot of excuses … ..
If you lived in NY or given birth to a child, it is just so …

My suggestion is that you become a world record holder in managing your greatest passion. Whatever happens….


A new series of cerebral palsy awareness. Are you aware that you are a woman or a man? Aware that you have a certain disease or profession. I am not aware that I am a  celebrating palsy person. I talk in this film about the awareness of cerebral palsy, but no matter who you are, you can benefit from this …



Have you 5000 hours your passion

I always thought that I lived a simple life. Now understand that nothing is simple. Just another illusion of my own self.

It was easy to get to the Para-Olympics. It was easy to be born with a cerebral palsy (CP). It was easy to move to Thailand.

Simply is not simple. X number of hours of training in life. Hours of training my muscles to near maximum physical collapse. Endure any ill-treating people of ignorance CP injury I do not think that I have. In Thailand, I am ignorant because I’m a Westerner in the first place. Secondly, cerebral palsy, for which they do not know what CP is saying that Parkinson instead …

People who know me say I’m weird. Because I am an artist and artists are often strange…. (In Swedish, this sounds very funny English, not as much fun, but a little).

I have turned off all those hours of withstanding ease training. 1000 hours of training, ordinary people do not have the capacity to implement. Hours of painting, hours listening to people, hours to train my body physically.

Hours to develop my talent for something I have a passion for. Hour after hour. Making this blog takes me 4-5 hours per week. I write slowly. But I want to leave an impression and makes the blog because I think it’s fun.

Counting example:
Tell me I had 1000 people in coaching. If I had them one hour, it is 1,000 hours. On average, I have a client at least 5 hours and usually much more. It gets 5000 hours which is equivalent to about 208 days. If you can work 24 hours per day, which is not possible.

So if we expect more 20 hours a week, 960 hours per year that you can work without a vacation. 5000 hours divided by 960 hours per year is 5.2 years. I stick their necks out and say that I can coaching.

With the above extent, a is not hours of reading books, education and consult with others as a mentor. I have certainly spent more than 10,000 hours of coaching under my coaching career, which begin about 30 years ago.

Seven years it will take to be approximately a sprinter. Since it takes about two years to reach the world’s elite. You spend an average of 20 hours a week. So nine years times 960 hours per year is 8640 hours to become an accomplished sprinter.

This implicates not you reach an Olympic final in the 100 meters, which I did. Into account is not the years I train just for fun before I focus on athletics. Seven years it takes from you bet on a branch.

My art career is just starting. Say that I painted about 200 paintings (certainly more maybe 300) and each painting takes on average 3 hours effective time (that means I removed the coffee breaks, clean the brushes, ponder motive and more).

This will be only 600 hours. Tell me I’m to have put in hours of training, ship paintings to exhibitions, practicing different techniques and more for about 300 hours. There will be about 900 hours. So I have about 4000 hours left before I’m good.

Whatever you want to become good at it takes about 5000 hours. So that’s what I mean when I say that ordinary people do not carry out 5,000 hours to reach his passion in life.

You do not even need to be good only passion. When 5,000 hours passed, it is good, I promise …

It’s easy to coach people with more than 10,000 hours of training behind you. It is easy to reach the Olympic / Para Olympics with 8640 hours of training behind you.

It is not easy to be an artist with just 900 hours behind you …

The latest music video. I have just started my musical film performance. Maybe, just have put in 200 hours or less. So it will probably be good if I’m working on, about 4800 hours. Feel good, see you next weekend …