Change Your Perspective On Life – Change Your Perspective Change Your Life 2021

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Our video is presenting Change your perspective on life topic but we try to cover the subjects:
-10 minutes that will change your perspective on life
-Change your perspective change your life
-Change your perspective and the reality changes

One thing I saw when I was searching for information on Change your perspective on life was the absence of appropriate information.
Change your perspective on life nevertheless is an subject that I know something about. This video therefore should matter and of interest to you.
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The most important habits day, number 66

The most important habits day, number 66

66 is the day when, according to studies, the anchoring takes place in body and soul. If you do something every day for 66 days, it becomes like an automatic routine. Wherever you are going to create for new habits, the 66 day limit is probably the most important.

Best way to learn

Best way to learn

The best way to learn is to teach others. It is also when you first understand how difficult it is to explain what you have learned.

All my life I have learned other things I have learned. I know that when I can explain my new discovery in life and when someone else also starts doing the same, I have learned even more.

Bästa sättet att lära

Bästa sättet att lära, är att lära andra. Det är också då du förstår först hur svårt det är att förklara vad du lärt dig.

Hela mitt liv har jag lärt andra saker jag lärt mig. Jag vet att när jag kan förklara min nya upptäckt i livet och när någon annan också börja göra samma har jag lärt mig ännu mer.

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning

More encouraging perhaps lifelong discovery.
To constantly discover things in life and the design of how I should live. Have the courage to constantly revise and change my habits to get the best outcome of my life.

Each new discovery takes me further. Someone said:

The winner is the one who has experienced the most in a lifetime…

The privilege of meeting different people with completely different backgrounds to get a little insight into their lives. Is almost magical.

This video is about how to discover more…