8. How to stay positive surrounded by misery and negativity

8. How to stay positive surrounded by misery and negativity

Seeing opportunities in all situations from a positive perspective is very much linked, in my opinion, to inner peace, item 10 on this list.

It is as if the more inner peace and harmony you have, the easier it is to hold out thoughts that destroy the peace within you.

Point 8 is: stay positive.

Tomorrow comes 7th place on this list

Top 10 most common problems that people want to be fixed in life

If you could choose one thing you had to change in life! What would they be?

Here is “Top 10 most common problems that people want to be fixed in life”.

Explanation of the subject and my experience of solving the problem.

The further you are down this list, the worse you will feel. In my opinion… But there are scientific studies that back up my facts in this list.

10th place: Find inner peace.

Inner peace, What is it?

The video tells about the subject and also provides possible concrete solutions to the problem if this is your wish in life.

Tomorrow comes 9th place on this list

Observe yourself, and learn to find the 1%, who will change everything

Observe yourself, and learn to find the 1%, who will change everything

The classic explanation for problem description is the Iceberg.
Under the surface it is as unknown and the behavioral pattern that we feel / see is not the origin of the problem.

Solving problems is my passion

How to solve problems?

I think there are two parts. One is your life experience and one is new knowledge. It creates the possibility of a solution. If you help people, there are three factors. Your and the person’s life experience, new knowledge that you bring into the person and it becomes the third part which is an unknown combination of all parts.

This video is Mikael Avatar’s theoretical description. Ends with a story.

So maybe this is the first time in my life that everyone on earth starts at the next same level, in the new year 2021.

So maybe this is the first time in my life that everyone on earth starts at the next same level, in the new year 2021.

It is like no one can really speculate what the outcome will be. We should or perhaps should stay away from all people for some time to come. We must all learn to work / study / socialize remotely over the internet. Teach us zoom or skype or any other live broadcast program. As if everyone is to be thrown through a door and on the other side is the new world. Nobody knows what the new one will look like. First, we must not become infected and end up in a coma. Maybe this will make many more people really, start thinking and maybe even take action more in their lives in a completely different way.

The next 5-6 months will look much like now. No planes that regularly fly around the world or family reunions with lots of cousins. It will be a lot in front of a computer screen. So, this is a perfect opportunity to complement (rethink) How do you really want to live your life.

I beg you to seriously take the time coming months and really to stop. The earth seems to have stopped and will stand still for a while. So, take the opportunity and figure out what you really want. Listening to the media mostly creates a standstill that we are apathetically waiting for everything to be over soon. While active action creates new future. Do not think about what the world looks like or will look like.

Most of the last two years, I have retrained. Or not really, but rather immersed myself in a subject I love, to poke with. I have spent hundreds of hours in depth learning a new “skill set” (professional knowledge). Finally, I can start going out with this new knowledge.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of following people for a while and one of the reflections I have observed is that everything takes much longer than you think. Should you get a different result or outcome in your life, a lot of boldness is required. Shut out all the people who pull you in different directions in your life. Really put your feet down and drill them into the ground. So, everything stands still. Map out where you got your machinery to stop. Then after a while choose a new direction. The new direction, if it is to last a lifetime, must have a completely different foundation to stand on. It is as if man needs to question the constitution, which they created for their lives. Some of the laws should remain, but much should be removed, so the new laws or rules for how you should live your life should be. If these constitutions for you, are not reviewed… you will get the same results, as all other years. A constitution in a country that is changed usually takes two terms before that law applies.

It is the thoughts that go around in the head that prevent man from growing. A multitude of life experiences that are put together and create the life you live. But really, you can just start over. It does not even take a second. But our programming of the brain makes it next to impossible to just start over. So, a reprogramming of thought patterns is needed. It takes at least 30 days and before it is automated about 90 days. Should you then create a new life skill, my experience is at least 6-12 months. And then we talk about entering the new pattern daily or at least 3-4 times a week. This is no matter what you want to create in your life. To be able to do this, an effort is required from you, but it is not enough. You usually need to get stimulation from groups in society that are heading in the same direction. Have a mentor / coach who step by step takes you through every obstacle that arises on the way to your new life.

To be able to do this, the next one requires a sacrifice that only a few succeed in. Breaking out of life patterns and thinking from a completely different perspective is a slow process. Most often, our environment is created according to the old way of thinking. So, you are fed with the old thoughts all the time. Should you then overcome this and introduce new ways of thinking. You really need the new to be fed in more than the old. Only then can you win your new “You”.

Thoughts written by Mikael Avatar on January 2, 2021/2564 thai years

How’s life?

Add a headingHow’s life?

A little chaotic on earth right now and I was just going to check how are you?

This epidemic / pandemic will probably continue to affect our lives for many more months, and years? !!!

This is what my life looks like right now:

I’ve been painting again for a month or so. I have been creating art all the time, but now it is only painting that counts. Finished today with new wall painting that I see when I work, see picture above… goes to an art colleague’s studio and paints, see link Elsie Evans Art Retreat https://www.facebook.com/elsieevansart/ , absolutely incredible painting place in Ban Phe, Thailand.

Has started a series of paintings that will become lithographs. That’s the goal… I don’t really have the finances for all the steps for my series of paintings, but I take one step at a time.

Otherwise, keep me at home. My wife’s grandson boy goes to school, even on Saturdays to catch up on school. He is only 5.5 years old and now lives with us.

The beaches are open again and are by the sea several times a week. Raining unusually much and done now for a week or so. But hot in and sometimes over 40 degrees. The real rainy season is usually in September but early this year.

What is happening in your life?

90-99% do not have command in their lives

90-99% do not command their life90-99% do not have command in their lives

They live a life because of the circumstances and choices they made. Including myself. So am I in the right place?

Absolutely. I am definitely in the right place physically and psychologically. But am I in phase with my happiness? Hmmm ….

It is more difficult to answer. Would I be happier elsewhere?

I think the question is wrong. I think the question would be:

Where do I want to be in a year from now?

I am constantly evolving and I challenge myself to constantly challenge my destiny. It is said that the only constant in life is change.

In our daily thought cycles, people ponder:
How should I fix this? Oh, this requires new insights.

We are experts at delaying decisions, which we should have made several years ago. We think tomorrow I will start, and so it went two years more

In the meantime, we maintain what is reasonable.
Fairly good, Fairly good friends, Fairly good job, Fairly good vacation, Fairly good time for yourself…

We would need a restart and we are waiting for the perfect time. Then I will grab my life…

The best thing I’ve learned in Thailand is that now … it’s actually now …

I can say to my wife / sister (complicated relationship):
When that happens, I want to do this… my sister / wife replies:
I don’t understand westerners that they want to waste time finding out things before it happens.

In Thailand you find out your conditions and what you think you want. Then “take the decisive step”.

One day in March, this year, we were without water. The municipality’s water reservoir pump pie. So no water for almost a week. We built a water pool to collect water. It is now used extensively by grandchildren as a swimming pool and then emptied into Lime plantation. Then it is filled up with fresh fresh water as a swimming pool. The pool was built in a few hours before the need for water arose. So we made sure to: take action.

So what do I mean by 90-99% don’t have the command of their lives?

According to Neale Donald Walsch, you have the right to just leave. When you feel that life does not work, you have the right, as a human, to go. Leave work, family, friends, city you live in or the country you live in. Just start over somewhere else where you can be happier. There is no law to stop you. You may be required to pay child benefit and similar things, mortgages and more. But morally you have no obligations to anyone about anything. You are a free soul on earth and most people have the opportunity to do what they want with their lives.

So what I’m saying is that 90-99% don’t have the ability to just walk…

When everything is put on its “tip” or we get cornered and it just doesn’t go anymore. Then first people do something. Not if life is just: Fairly good

That is why successful people become more successful because they have the ability to change and follow the flow that takes them closer to where they want to go. They take command of their destiny and adjust the plan they have so it gets better.

For decades I’ve been pondering, How to make people wake up:
“The fire alarm has been ringing for a long time now and you have to evacuate your hotel. However comfortable it may be. (Metaphor)”

Shake and get man to step away from a life that is: Fairly good

Even wrote a book on the subject: Life Reset, 5 practical steps

Still, after decades of searching, I have no 100% answer.

For 6 months, I took the help of a well-known author who helped me write down this process. We wrote 3-5 times a week for 6 months over skype. She lives in another continent. She interviewed me and asked in detail: How to Make People Stop Living Fairly Good Life.

It became a mail series, which you can get for free, look further down. Six fantastic emails describing this process.
The first point I raised was to observe and the process that starts an avalanche of new insights into what life really is.

I am really grateful that Barbro Bronsberg helped me to get down to concrete how to change.

Here’s how to get these 6 emails:

Click the link: https://www.lifecoachmega.com/free-download
You come to a page where you download my book, free: Life Reset
Full in the information name, e-mail
Then you have to confirm your email address in an email sent to you
Once you confirm your email, all 6 emails will automatically be sent to you for a number of days. In addition, you can download my book for free. An email about this will also come…

These mails are the best I have created and gathered the wisdom of coaching 1000’s of people, for over 20,000 hours of my life… Read these mails to get to the group of people who have more control over their lives and want to succeed …

The Canyon

The CanyonThe red cliff valley is spreading. At the bottom there is a river, which it cannot be seen from the edge. A tear runs down the cheek. So breathtaking is the sight. One of the wonders that exists on earth lies ahead of me. I lock the rental car and start walking. Go down the mountain after a trail and think it may not take that long.

It is about two kilometers down vertical and horizontally maybe four kilometers, to the river. I had 1.5 liters of water with me. It is warm, so that small droplets are formed on the pan immediately. It is about two in the afternoon. I am well trained and I go fast.

A woman stops me halfway. You go too fast and she urges me to turn around because I won’t get down and up before it’s carbon black when the sun goes down. Drinking some water and calming down the pace, a little, but determined to take me down.

After two hours I’m down at the river. A giant footbridge takes me to the other side of the river. Talk to a guide, for the area and he says I have to hurry. I don’t really understand him. Well, you can not sleep here, it has been booked for several years and should cover the mountain edge, you must go now.

He wondered when I started going down. Two o’clock I said. His eyes were staring at me and he didn’t believe me. Do you have water. I showed the now half-filled water bottle. It must be enough for you to not refill here, due to water access.

The river rushes quickly and is impossible to cross. I make my way to the other suspension bridge, which is probably 60 meters between the rails, and start the journey up. Taking some melted biscuit chocolate and washing my hands in a stream that sprinkles down on the red rock. Completely clean greased rock.

How are you, I hear a voice say. Good, and the conversation is taking off. We’re going to ride a water slide on a rocky slope here, you want too. Of course I followed. Underwear in the heat, we went from one pond to the next on the smooth velvet pours. Pond after pond, maybe 5 or it was 7. They had started their hike before the sun came up. I was only in my 3 hour and had already started the long road up.

The walk with these people was slower but it was probably good. 10.5 hours before, I walked the entire round of about 25 km. The people I went with the last bit had spent almost 18 hours. I was well trained and had missed the Olympics that year. So for me it was no challenge.

The hike to the Colorado river is more than 25 km 15 miles and to walk in hilly terrain about 9 hours. But this is mountain, so normally at least 12-15 hours. Guides urge you not to go up and down the same day. It is forbidden…
This Canyon, should be on everyone’s “bucket list”. You can’t explain you just have to go there ..

The day after is the partial solar eclipse …