Spiritual Quotient (SQ)

Text by Mikael Avatar
Your way of seeing the world is unique. No one else can see what you see or experience what you do in exactly the same way as anyone else. This is called your distinctive character. The more you understand your own distinctive character, the higher the SQ you get. IQ and EQ work in a completely different way. When combining IQ and EQ, you get a context called SQ. When you ask questions like “Why,” “If I did this, what had happened then” are you in SQ. A so-called deeper awareness of things and how they relate to your reality.
Steps to take are to find the driving force of life. One word, talk about it. Your word symbolizes you. What makes you wake up the lion you have in your life. The lion that creates the platform for your success in life. He who roars, this is me and this is my message on earth. What is your call on earth and when you have this in your hand, you solve all the problems in your reality.
The sum of all parts of life always creates a greater purpose and context. The sum is IQ, EQ and SQ together.
SQ is like air in a windless room. Do not smell, you cannot see it, touch it, taste it or hear it. It’s only there. In all people, always and all the time.
One talks about gut feeling or my intuition says, but this does not describe what it really is. Nirvana is said to be a state of high spiritual presence, but SQ is always present. People with high SQ (presence with all of themselves) create life-changing things for humanity. They’re just “IS”.
When I meet people, this is what I’m looking for. What SQ is they? To me, this is what life is about … Your awareness of your particular character and why you are on this truly incomprehensible planet.