The most alarmingly shocking horrible thing man does not do

The most alarmingly shocking horrible thing man does not do
The only thing you have to do is:
Write down What do you want?

Write down a list of what you want. Seriously, 90% of all people have never done this… in their entire lives. Still, this is the most basic thing to do to change your life…

A company or an airplane without a checklist of where they are going is a disaster. The company goes bankrupt before it has taken off or the aircraft may not leave the gate…

Studies after studies show that those who write down goals on a piece of paper earn more money, feel better in health and have better relationships with people, but above all, seem a bit vaguely expressed, Are happier !!!

This video urges you to, during the week, do what everyone should do: A list of what you want…

The reverse goal list

The reverse goal list

Sometimes you need to do the opposite. Write down everything you do not like in life.

Too little money, the job drains energy, the wrong color on the kitchen doors, the wallpaper should be replaced, the car is old, I should get a hobby, find a wife / husband !, take better care of me, let the family live without getting involved, do not stress so much, or whatever you want to whine about…

Seriously make a real whine list… but only if you do step 2 as well. If you do not do step 2, do not do this list.

Step 2 of this exercise is:

Write what you want instead. So if the doors in the kitchen are the wrong color, what color do you want?

So for every whine you wrote down, write how you want it instead…

Many people have a hard time writing a goal list and you can start this process by writing an opposite list. Then it is easier to write the goals on a whiny list…

This video is about: The reverse goal list

So maybe this is the first time in my life that everyone on earth starts at the next same level, in the new year 2021.

So maybe this is the first time in my life that everyone on earth starts at the next same level, in the new year 2021.

It is like no one can really speculate what the outcome will be. We should or perhaps should stay away from all people for some time to come. We must all learn to work / study / socialize remotely over the internet. Teach us zoom or skype or any other live broadcast program. As if everyone is to be thrown through a door and on the other side is the new world. Nobody knows what the new one will look like. First, we must not become infected and end up in a coma. Maybe this will make many more people really, start thinking and maybe even take action more in their lives in a completely different way.

The next 5-6 months will look much like now. No planes that regularly fly around the world or family reunions with lots of cousins. It will be a lot in front of a computer screen. So, this is a perfect opportunity to complement (rethink) How do you really want to live your life.

I beg you to seriously take the time coming months and really to stop. The earth seems to have stopped and will stand still for a while. So, take the opportunity and figure out what you really want. Listening to the media mostly creates a standstill that we are apathetically waiting for everything to be over soon. While active action creates new future. Do not think about what the world looks like or will look like.

Most of the last two years, I have retrained. Or not really, but rather immersed myself in a subject I love, to poke with. I have spent hundreds of hours in depth learning a new “skill set” (professional knowledge). Finally, I can start going out with this new knowledge.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of following people for a while and one of the reflections I have observed is that everything takes much longer than you think. Should you get a different result or outcome in your life, a lot of boldness is required. Shut out all the people who pull you in different directions in your life. Really put your feet down and drill them into the ground. So, everything stands still. Map out where you got your machinery to stop. Then after a while choose a new direction. The new direction, if it is to last a lifetime, must have a completely different foundation to stand on. It is as if man needs to question the constitution, which they created for their lives. Some of the laws should remain, but much should be removed, so the new laws or rules for how you should live your life should be. If these constitutions for you, are not reviewed… you will get the same results, as all other years. A constitution in a country that is changed usually takes two terms before that law applies.

It is the thoughts that go around in the head that prevent man from growing. A multitude of life experiences that are put together and create the life you live. But really, you can just start over. It does not even take a second. But our programming of the brain makes it next to impossible to just start over. So, a reprogramming of thought patterns is needed. It takes at least 30 days and before it is automated about 90 days. Should you then create a new life skill, my experience is at least 6-12 months. And then we talk about entering the new pattern daily or at least 3-4 times a week. This is no matter what you want to create in your life. To be able to do this, an effort is required from you, but it is not enough. You usually need to get stimulation from groups in society that are heading in the same direction. Have a mentor / coach who step by step takes you through every obstacle that arises on the way to your new life.

To be able to do this, the next one requires a sacrifice that only a few succeed in. Breaking out of life patterns and thinking from a completely different perspective is a slow process. Most often, our environment is created according to the old way of thinking. So, you are fed with the old thoughts all the time. Should you then overcome this and introduce new ways of thinking. You really need the new to be fed in more than the old. Only then can you win your new “You”.

Thoughts written by Mikael Avatar on January 2, 2021/2564 thai years