January 20, 1968, I was born


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I was born in 1968 on 20 January. It is 49 years ago. A riot childbirth, which created a lifelong cerebral palsy.
Have I chosen to live this life, or that my father chose to mistreat my mother who made my life different?

There is probably no answer to this question, but it is a combination of pulp choices in various intersections throughout life.

I chose to remove my birthday on facebook for not honoring my father’s abuse 49 years ago. Maybe next year I put back the birthday reminder when I will be 50 years. According to Western practice. Thai stretch I turned 50 years. I’m in my 50 years then 50 years … ..

To shake their muscles. every day for 49 years has a price. Nerve damage in my body makes me shake many hours per day. It gets cramps in the muscles and reduces the number of years I can live.



When I work with a development of cerebral palsy, I meet only one who was older than 50 years. My theory is that the seizure makes you start taking painkillers around 40 years and this makes the system stops working before the age of 50 years.

This is one of the reasons that I live in Thailand I have not been hurt as much as in a cold climate.

If I look back 25 years. So half way to 50 years. I am now half way to 100 years (according to the Thai-counting).

When I was 25, my life consisted primarily of two things:

Training and poetry

I trained for the Para-Olympics in Atlanta in 1996 and went on authorship school in Stockholm, Sweden.

So I practiced several hours a day and the remaining hours I wrote poetry. It was my life then. When I was 28 I was in the Para-Olympics and was with my poems in an anthology. At this point, I retired athlete. So what would I do now ….

Did lecture assignments and start searching what is a life ….


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Begin to understand that many people I met lived a life that just happened. No plan, but just take a chance that something positive happened when they open the door to the world.

Next 25 years as it looks now, seems to be a musical. My first 25 years living was a lot of music and I had a music mentor until I was 20 years old. Then start the sport seriously, and now the music has come back. So there will be music next 25 years in some form ….

Here ends my thoughts on my birthday

Feel good……