About Artist Mikael Avatar

Artist Michael Avatar was born and raised in Sweden and since 2009 live full-time in Thailand.

  • 30 years working as a coach
  • Over 20 years, appreciated, Public Speaker
  • Former world record holder in the long jump from the Atlanta Paralympic Games in 1996
  • Last 10 years active with the creation of the art form Energy Art. Several exhibitions in Thailand and also Sweden
  • He has resumed music creation and make your own movies with music, see below

He has the ability to capture things in life, which looks obvious out. But he give these small things, a different meaning, and suddenly there appears a whole new meaning in life.

This blog is about these little things in everyday life and how they affect life.

Read for yourself and follow the video blog too. Everything presented here.

Enjoy reading and feel free to comment.

Do you want to Mikael Avatar will bring up a topic and write it might happen