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Our video is all about “Seeking in life” topic valuable information but we also try to cover the following subjects:
-what are you seeking in life
-what are we seeking in life
-what am i seeking in life

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Seeking in life subject is showcased in several YT videos, however we tried to offer you the best information in a short and also understandable video clip.

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When you get time in life. What are you doing then?

5. When you get time in life. What are you doing then?

I often ask people: What do you want to do in life?

The answers are varied with everyone starting with: If I had time, then I would…

And then comes many times: When I retire then I will…

I chose to leave my country of birth when I was 41 years old and then I decided not to do anything until I found what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. I walked on the sandy beach every day pondering and watching the sun go down on the horizon. The heat in Thailand made my body pain free. It took two years before I could guess what it was and another 3 years before everything was in full swing again. 5 years before I knew what my life path was.

This video is about: The importance of starting NOW. Tomorrow may never come…

7. Find my passion and life task, and then live it

7. Find my passion and life task, and then live it

The thing is, your best life should always, always be forward in your life.

Finding my life task on earth is in my opinion the most basic factor for people to grow in their development. It must, in my opinion, be passion in the task you create. Expect 15-35,000 hours of your life to spend here. So passion is important.

The only constant in life is change. The world is constantly changing what worked two years ago does not work today. All the time I have to develop to be able to create my goals and the goals change with my development.

The video tell me how I did and actually do now.

Tomorrow comes 6th place on this list.