What is a process

what is a processProcesses
Process = progress, development path, is a process where something changes and is related (source Wikipedia)
Undergoing a process. There is a beginning and an end.
We start big. LIFE
We are born and we will die. Everything in between is a long process.
Studies over a lifetime are what I know the most complicated to do. Say that every person lives on average 60-80 years. This means that following these people over a lifetime requires more than one person. Someone must take over when you die and be able to compile the results. Say you start your studies when you are 20 years old and you will follow the process over 60-80 years. To complete, you must be between 80-100 years.

Let’s talk about more manageable processes:
The process of growing up:
Learn how to go
Learn about cycling
By going to school
Find a profession
Find family life partner
Get retired

There are so many processes we undergo during a lifetime and most of us are not aware.

More odd processes that are popular and we are not thinking is a process:
Find back in life
Movies follow people through a process most often
Breakthrough stories
Succés stories

Where in life are you? What are your processes at the moment. Please tell me the comments below.