Cause theory

There is a theory that when it’s cause, you should pushes more. So when falls, the rocks on the bottom in place, and you build a stable house.

If you learn to manage the cause, you can take advantage of it.

When you change the structures of life or routines, it create cause. It is impassable not to do, according to me. It takes a while before the new is starting to work on the automatic.

Many people want to change things. The problem is that it arises to many changes too much, at once. Yesterday in my video blog, I talk about the 1%. The percentage that changes everything.

So if you are going to change in life is to find the right percentage. Otherwise it becomes very chaotic.

As for the cause theory, comes something else. In business, this is driven by when everything is on the edge of what people bothered and nothing seems to work.
Then, you add a new element. One thing that makes what was done up to that point falls into place and begins to run smoothly. This could for example be to bring in a large order.

The classic in ordinary life is that a child comes into the world. Everything that does not work until the child’s birth, just start working. It’s magic.

Of course, new challenges arise, but the old is gone.

So this was a brief explanation of the theory … Cause. As I interpret it.