If there is, setbacks and success

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In the animal world is there success and setback. If a lion misses their prey, in cooperation with other lions. Will he/she told off? For that there is no food, or if he/she shed change he/she obtains style points ….

There is probably no one who knows. Man has created interpretive systems and from these we interpret animal behavior. I do not know if there’s research to create systems from the animal world and then interpret from them. I do not know if you who reads understand the difference …

Olympics month and soon wait for the biggest event that a person can achieve according to many, and according to me it’s 100 meters’ final in athletics.

There is something magical with 100-meter final athletics. Next day the newspapers in comparing other animals against the time. I have never seen 100 butterfly table in comparison with whales and dolphins. If anyone has it, please send it to me ….

I have been in the 100-meter final at the Paralympics Atlanta in 1996. In the semifinal it apart three hundredths between me and a friend compete for Spain. We had a person in between us and none of them got to the final but only me.

We talk very small margins to a small stone on the path, a slip had done that I did not come to the final. There are ten 100-share in a second and in the range of 3 of these were 3 people.

In our world, it is success to reach a final. I did not win and who will remember 7 spot in the Euro vision Song Contest 1996 (a music contest for European countries). It is a major achievement to reach the 100 meters’ final at the Olympics than to be world record holder in the long jump.

A former friend and I was around a lot as artists. He has held exhibition at the Venice Biennale, and I want to point out that it is more difficult to get a show at Venice Biennale, than winning the Olympic 100-meter final athletics. But the people we met, thought Para-Olympics was more interesting.

The moral will then go for 100 meters in the Olympics than to create world class art …

One of my goals is to make the two … one is reached, so then it’s art remains.

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3 Major Crossroads of Life

Mikael spelar synt hos Barbro juni 2016 (2)To those who bother to read

2016, soon August.
7 years ago in August I fly, to test stay in Thailand for 3 months. Had no plan or financial bearing to be able to stay in Thailand. But the body was pain. I had to find something. I had to do something.

20 years ago Paralympics in Atlanta … Sport is not most of my life and I can actually go to the gym without disappearing into the fog of athletic performance world.

28 years ago I sailed across the Atlantic. Feels like it was yesterday. Can feel the wind on my cheek and drops of water get in my face.

These three events are crossroads in my life where it requires a major change. When I came home from Atlantic sailing 20 years old, what I would do with my life now.
I had left the academic world because I was thrown from the Chalmers University of Technology, for my cerebral palsy does not fit the sponsors of the program. I end up on a boat under the UN flag and sail across the Atlantic.

Then I start to train for the Olympics for real. Come in at Bosön elite line (Sports School) and the target in 1996 participated in the Para-Olympics.
I did what few people got to do.

An arena with 68,000 people. No other activities, long jump had ran out of time, thunder storm.
I was the only activity in the whole arena and big screen focused on me.

The long jump is a difference, which nobody can take away from me.
6 seconds that changes the prospects for the rest of your life. 4.98 meters, it is on the screen, and this meant a new world record and Paralympisk record.
It would take 12 years before someone beat that record and 4 Para-Olympics.

Sport fade away and I had to decide what to do with the rest of my life without sport as a driving force.

To live a life with focus on training 20, 30 and even 40 hours a week and at other times focus on sport. To do anything else with the same inspiration. Would take time to find.

I’m almost 50 years and I think I see the shape of what to do but the place to do it I do not know yet. Sweden is excluded because it is too cold for my body and I have only pain. Thailand is a fantastic country to live in but not my vision of what to do the rest of my life.

My everyday life is becoming boring and needed a change. Go out and go to the gym then down to the ocean and see the waves come in endless time in the sand at the empty beach. Beautifully quiet and creates total presence.

Home and turn on the synth to create a jingle or doing something more sections to music education, as I go on. Lunch and afternoon more music and art performances planning. I live in the wrong country for modern art. Must move. Do not really know yet where to go. I have how much time I want. The question is what to do ahead …

It’s time for another break just like after an Atlantic crossing and Paralympics, but now after 7 years in paradise Thailand ……