One in 100

One in 100

One in 100 does something…

One in a hundred people do something with the information you provide. 10 out of 100 listen a little more. 90 people do nothing and are already on their way somewhere else…

So out of 1000 people, there are 10 who actually do something. These are the 10 I talk to and give the best I have so that they can move forward with whatever they want to achieve.

Over the years, I have spoken to about 500,000 people, as a public speaker, not the internet but physically standing on a stage and talking. About 50 people have done my long coaching, more than a year. About 5000 people, one on one, I have coached for a short time a month or so.

What I want to say is that the statistics are constantly one in 100 doing something with you. So how many 100 people can you get your unique knowledge in front of… to find the only one who wants more of just you?

Another important question to ask yourself is:

How much work are you willing to put in to find them?

Give exactly what people are asking for and nothing else

Give exactly what people are asking for and nothing else.
Over the years, I have learned to give what people ask for first.
As an experienced Life Coach, I see much more than what the customer / client wants to hear.

People really want from their soul to help and get people to take steps towards something better.

Many times too much is told and this blocks development. I share my interpretation so the person can make a choice. Then my grant ends, for the person and I wait, how they want to proceed. If they are not mature yet, I will let them go. This opens up opportunities for someone else to become the person who will take them further. If I go on too hard, I kill the opportunity and it can take 10-20 years before the person dares to ask for help, somewhere else…

My story should be attractive enough so the person wants to take the next step, without me influencing.



To solve things that do not work and make them work is to grow in life, in my opinion. Resistance in moderation and forcing focus forward often makes me grow as a person.

I just have to accept the challenge. If everything was simple, everyone would have a much better life. The opportunity to see inside doors in the corridor I walk without opening doors is impossible. I actually have to go into the different rooms and see what’s there and then go through the next door inside the room.

Each room has its own level of consciousness and the next room from that room deepens my consciousness. It is possible to jump to room 10 without going through each phase. It’s like skipping the stage of learning to walk and start cycling right away, without being able to walk or do surgeries without medical studies. It is certainly possible but would you be a passenger on the bike or do heart surgery with that person?

Clean up life

Clean up life

Clean up life, mailbox, house, friends, job relationships, relatives. Everything that comes to mind, a little now and then, that is not exhausted. This energy thief costs if you have many.

Immediately make a sustainable solution. Many great leaders have the ability to make decisions directly. If they get the right information immediately, the decision is made immediately.

The most important habits day, number 66

The most important habits day, number 66

66 is the day when, according to studies, the anchoring takes place in body and soul. If you do something every day for 66 days, it becomes like an automatic routine. Wherever you are going to create for new habits, the 66 day limit is probably the most important.

Planning and executing

Planning and executing
Two important steps when making a plan…

Most people just come to a plan and forget that there are two steps. A plan is great to have, but without an implementation phase you do not need a plan.

It is just as important to plan when in time you will implement the plan and always set an end date…

A classic example is an entrepreneur who states a project without an end date. This means that they work until death. Do not make sure to train someone else who takes over and so they can do something else, but they just work all their lives.

When you reach the end date, it’s time to evaluate and celebrate your success. Maybe, you come to the conclusion, to continue and then set a new end date. Or you leave the project behind and focus on a more successful project.

You have to test your plans in reality otherwise nothing will happen.

The most alarmingly shocking horrible thing man does not do

The most alarmingly shocking horrible thing man does not do
The only thing you have to do is:
Write down What do you want?

Write down a list of what you want. Seriously, 90% of all people have never done this… in their entire lives. Still, this is the most basic thing to do to change your life…

A company or an airplane without a checklist of where they are going is a disaster. The company goes bankrupt before it has taken off or the aircraft may not leave the gate…

Studies after studies show that those who write down goals on a piece of paper earn more money, feel better in health and have better relationships with people, but above all, seem a bit vaguely expressed, Are happier !!!

This video urges you to, during the week, do what everyone should do: A list of what you want…