8. To leave everything behind you and start over. The move to Thailand.

8. To leave everything behind you and start over. The move to Thailand.

Having pain and cramps in your body so that you no longer feel that you are in pain. When you have shaken almost all the muscles in your whole body for 40 years. Then you have latent lactic acid almost everywhere. Nothing seems to work. Bath hot baths, and medications I refused to take.

2009 a big change in my life. I left cold Sweden and moved to a country that was warm to me, where I was suddenly pain free in my body. In Thailand, art took over life even more. Open my own gallery and life took a whole new turn.

A video about having pain and how I changed everything so the pain in the muscles disappeared.

How to start a new life, 3 tips for 2018

How to start a new life, 3 tips for 2018

1 You need a plan and an inspiration goal
2 Find as much info about the subject you can
3 Get a mentor on the subject, someone pushing you to achieve the goal


At the end of the video there are short clips of art projects together with Sacha Alexander von Oertzen.
Contributing actors are:
Elene Uneståhl, the main actor in this clip, inspires many people as coach and develops the world for the better.
Barbro Bronsberg, a dear friend for many years and inspiration for many people over the years as author and lecturer.

Music: Mikael Avatar and Sacha Alexander von Oertzen
Filming: Sacha Alexander von Oertzen
Film cutting: Mikael Avatar

This is part of a larger project to be completed in 2018.

See more from Alex on his youtube in a link in the description below: