Accountability vs responsibility

Accountability vs responsibility

The biggest difference is that responsibility can be shared while accoutability cannot be shared.

Taking responsibility is one thing, while taking personal responsibility for oneself is something completely different.

Being a responsible person in society is a desire many people have. To have accoutable for me own development so the best of my “I” reaches out into the world is something completely different…

Accountable Life Coach’s biggest task

Accountable Life Coach’s biggest task

A quality or condition to be responsible specifically for their own actions. This is what I have done most through all my years as a Life Coach.

Responsible for what you want to create. I’m responsible for doing 100 Live broadcasting. No other human being. As a Life Coach, I am available to people and their plans / goals in life.

The longer you have been a coach, the more stories you have about how other people have fulfilled their desires in life. I’m here to hold you accountable for your progress. This is my most important task when I talk to people.