New Year’s text by Mikael Avatar

1 Jan 2022 or Thai in 2565, the traditional New Year’s text by Mikael Avatar.

Life has changed or do I think life has changed?

What is the difference?
Is it another year with limited opportunities to move freely on the globe?
More questions than answers.
Have I changed last year to something better? Because that is probably one of the points of life, in relation to the time that flows.

The best is always ahead. Wishes that drive my rise from where I am to where I want to be.

I sit on the stairs and look out over the garden. The clock has passed midnight by a few minutes and the calendar has changed to 1st in 1st 2022. Quiet! I’ts quiet. No rockets. No hopeful Thai lanterns that usually fly towards the sky.

Has man given up? Does everyone sleep? My wife and I sit by ourselves. No wind so slightest sound, crisp, begins a cacophony of dog barking. Then quiet. Desolate empty. Last New Year there was more life. Now just quiet.

The grandchildren are sleeping. About an hour earlier, the youngest girl had sat with me and rattled all the English words she could, 3.5 years old. Quite a few around 15 approximately. The boy, 7 years old, corrected his sister all the time in the pronunciation.

Two little souls, who really only speak Thai have English lesson hours before the new year. The hope and happiness of every word spoken rises minute by minute. No thoughts of the earth standing still.

The zeal to learn is beyond all motivation I have. The drive that exists in these two souls was a long time ago I had. An unconditional desire to just live in the happiness of the present where my eyes twinkle like stars that will not go out during my lifetime.

In 20 years, they will be looking for a job, a partner, a purpose for life and everything else life has to offer. They will have no idea about the pandemic dilemma of 2020, 2021 and 2022 life. It’s just something the older people talk about then. Much like we’re talking about World War II. Something that changed the world before but does not really affect the present.

No New Year’s promises have been made. Because I do daily action that takes me step by step towards my desires in my life. No made-up promises I will follow in the future. More like: This makes me happy.

In 2021, I made about 140 videos. 110 live streamed and about 25-30 commercial videos. About 100,000 people have seen them. Most of them without knowing that I made them. This year there will be more.

I love making movies. There’s something magical about film. Cutting and putting people in an emotional state is a passion that has followed me all my life. A live steaming video reached about 35,000 people. For me, this is a lot. For some of those I follow (mentors online) a drop in the ocean. Some produced 900 videos last year and millions of followers.

It’s not enough to throw a brick in the Grand Canyon, no one will find it. You have to throw many and in the same place and eventually people will stumble across them. (quote from Grant Cardone, millions undercover, 2021, can be seen on Youtube for about 5 hours and is seen worldwide):

So what bricks are you going to throw out in the world in 2022?

I will start throwing bricks marked:
Mikael Avatar´s Art video media production method.
A method for creating videos that change the ability of women entrepreneurs to be seen on the internet. Over 40 years as a life coach, most of the women I have coached and who have had their own company. I do not know why. But this is the group I have achieved the best results with.

After pressure from mentors, I begin to understand that there is a shortage of premium videos out there. Many people do not even know how to make videos and on what topic. So 2-3 people I will find this year for them to start the journey of throwing bricks on their place so they create their landmark in the world. Interested please contact me…

2-3 is the maximum I can handle. More then I have to train a team and it’s 2023 problem, so let’s focus on 2022…

Those were my thoughts today 1 Jan -22

Happy New Year

Mikael Avatar