To be dumped

To be dumpedTo be dumped

The first time my parents get me from a summer camp where you dump children with disabilities. I cried for hours after they came and picked me up. Mom promised never to do this again.

Not to be included. We have all experienced this in some form. Not having access to not being good enough.

My mom did not have a chance. She had to leave me next summer again. Doctors and therapists said it was good for me to meet children with disabilities. My parents needed rest. Was I really as painful as the doctors said. Took so much power to have me home in the summer. So every summer vacation I was always in camps from 5-6 years until I was 11-12 years old. That was the law. Not the law of the mother, but the law of society.

When I grew older it became the summer day colony. Every day, go by taxi to a beach and be there all day, with other disabled people. So, it was for me to grow up in the summer with Cerebral Palsy.

If I’m sorry, no idea. I had to do things children on my street, had no access to. So, maybe it was good that society decides, over parents when it comes to disabled children …

What did you do in the summer as a child?