Mental training interview with Professor Lars-Eric Uneståhl

Mental training interview with Professor Lars-Eric Uneståhl:


About the Buddha tree painting found at CET, Thailand. I was given the opportunity to paint a wall 6×2 meters. I got to paint just what I wanted. Later, the painting became the first page of the book: Mental Training History
Elene Uneståhl, who is a fantastic educator and inspirator of, among other things, Mental training, instructed me to activate the children and do something with the empty 6×2 meter wall. Buddha trees became a simple choice and I thought the children could use their hands to paint the foliage. Lars-Erik and Elena’s youngest daughter were with (7-8 other children) and Elena’s oldest son helped me to create the traditional effect. It became a Buddha tree as in the Mental space. It’s a little short story about the painting. The book is only available in Swedish, published in 2017.