3 thoughts on “To listen

  1. Listening is an art… BTW… sorry I missed out listening to your blogs. I don’t generally put headphones in my ears. Use it only to listen to blogs. I forgot to carry my headphones. And I prefer listening to what you say in solitude. The jing bang of activities disturb me… there is depth in what you say… wouldn’t miss it for anything

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    • I am grateful that you take the time to listen. I really try, so that audio and video, should be good. I do not really have the right equipment for this. Should fix it so that it becomes a more professional level. This is to reach a larger audience. But there is a cost issue.

      I talk a lot, in different schools and teachers wonder how I get students to sit still and be quiet. I used to answer:
      You’ll slur a little on your voice and say something so interested it becomes quiet in the room.
      Both the teachers and I laugh together about it.


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